Girl Scout classes

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Girl Scout classes

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Class Description: Earn your Brownies Snacks badge or Juniors Simple Meals badge with Real Food 4 Kids!  Here are two options: 

  1. A 2 hour hands-on cooking class: The girls help plan the menu. Usually we have time for about 3 recipes. They get to do all of the work making the food and then we eat together at the end. Minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 girls. $50/ea. My rental kitchen is located at 1139 24th St, Des Moines IA 53011 or I can come to your location.

  2. An hour-long lesson that includes 3 parts: an ice-breaker, an interactive lesson, and a snack that we make. I come to your meeting location. $15/girl with a minimum of $100. Two options include:

  • All about fruits and vegetables and where they grow on the plant. I bring in a couple dozen different fruits and vegetables to talk about. We make a fruit salad at the end or cut up lots of veggies to sample.

  • How to read an ingredient statement: I bring in a couple dozen familiar processed food packages and we talk about how to read ingredient statements. We make a snack to share at the end - usually I make energy bites and they're a hit!

Class Size: Depends on type of class: 15-20 girls for the hour-long lesson. 6-12 girls for the hands-on cooking class

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