Spring Cooking Club | Ages 11+ (Tweens and Teens)


Spring Cooking Club | Ages 11+ (Tweens and Teens)

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Class Description: Participate in all 5 classes, or choose the ones that work for you. Take all 5 classes for $190, or pay $40/class. 100% hands-on cooking and 6 kids per class. Classes are from 1:30-3:30 on Sunday's. 

Week 1, Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes:  Your child will learn to make some good 'ole comfort food during this class!  We'll make a tasty meatloaf that they are sure to enjoy. Next, we'll make real mashed potatoes using a ricer to get out all those lumps. We'll cook some brightly colored veggies too to get a little bit of color on the plate! We will end class with our delicious meal. (If you only want to sign up for Week 1, sign up for March 25.)

Week 2, Personal Pizza:  This lunch can’t be beat. The kids will make their own pizza dough and sauce from scratch. They will shred their own cheese,  peel and chop some veggies, and maybe cook some meat to go along with their pizza. They will get to roll out their own dough, top it with their choice of toppings that they prepared, and bake it in the oven. We will also make dessert! We’ll enjoy our delicious lunch at the end of class!  (If you only want to sign up for Week 2, sign up for April 8.)

Week 3, Lasagna Rolls with Homemade Ricotta:  If your child loves the science behind cooking, this class is perfect! We'll start by making homemade Ricotta from milk, and use it to make a from-scratch lasagna that your child could duplicate at home for your dinner!  Your child will also make a homemade ranch dressing to go with some chopped veggies. This class will be a great example of creating food from start to finish. We will end class by enjoying our delicious creation!  (If you only want to sign up for Week 3, sign up for April 29.)

Week 4, Breakfast Buffet: Do you want your child to have more options for breakfast? We will teach the kids how to make their own hard-boiled eggs, cocoa banana bread, and smoothie bowls with homemade granola. All of these options are both delicious and good for you!  We'll even use eggs from our local farmer! We will enjoy everything we make at the end of class. (If you only want to sign up for Week 4, sign up for May 6.)

Week 5, Taco Tuesday:  Everyone loves Taco Tuesday! In this class, we’re going to make tacos from scratch and eat our creation. The kids will make their own corn tortillas, seasoned ground meat, salsa, and guacamole. If your child is a vegetarian, we can also scramble some eggs for breakfast tacos. We'll have our own fiesta at the end of class! (If you only want to sign up for Week 5, sign up for May 20.)

Wait List: If class is sold out, please email us at sue@realfood4kids.com and we will add you to the waitlist in case someone has to cancel!

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