Summer Camp for the Younger Kids! (Ages 6-8)


Summer Camp for the Younger Kids! (Ages 6-8)

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Dates: Classes are offered Monday - Thursday, June 4-7, 2018.

Menu: Learn to make your own Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner.  100% hands-on cooking with a maximum of 6-8 children per class. We make several recipes and enjoy our meal together at the end of class. As we work, we talk about where the ingredients come from and how they work together to create the food we eat! Recipes will be sent home with the kids so you can enjoy creating the meals again!

Class Description: Participate in all 4 classes, or choose the ones that work for you. Take all 4 classes for $145, or pay $40/class.  Classes are held from 9:30-11:30 June 4-7. Ages 6-8 (Must have completed Kindergarten)

Day 1:  We're going to be making Breakfast! The kids will get to make their own breakfast to enjoy at the end of class. Individual egg "muffins" with some fun add-ins of their choice (think scrambled eggs in a muffin tin). They will also flavor their plain yogurt with their choice of real sweeteners, like fruit, honey, and maple syrup. We'll top it with some made-from-scratch granola that they make in class. (If you only want to take day 1, sign up for June 4.)

Day 2: Let's make Lunch! We'll teach the kids the skills that they need to make their own lunch! We'll make a variety of quesadillas and homemade ranch. They will also peel and chop spring veggies (we use kid-safe knives). For a sweet yet healthy treat, they will also make energy balls.  (If you only want to take Day 2, sign up for June 5.)

Day 3: Snacktime! The kids will make a variety of healthy and yummy snacks! We'll make 2 different types of muffins so that they can vote on their favorite. We'll also make 2 different types of smoothies! And, 2 different kinds of popcorn! (If you only want to take Day 3, sign up for June 6.)

Day 4: Dinner Time! We love veggies and the kids will make their own mac-n-cheese cups with their choice of cheese and veggies. The will learn some (kid-safe) knife skills by cutting up their veggies and shredding their cheeses.  We'll make a simple "sipping" soup too. And, we'll finish off our week of camp by making REAL whipped cream to go with some fresh fruit! (If you only want to take Day 4, sign up for June 7.)

Wait List: If Class is sold out, please email us and we will let you know if we add another session!

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