We believe that kids who know where food comes from and how to prepare it will develop a lifelong skill that impacts their health in a positive way.

All classes and clubs focus on hands-on learning – giving kids a chance to feel, taste and create the food they learn about. By preparing food, kids have the opportunity come together and apply science, math, and art.

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Meet Sue…

My passion for real food began in 2004 when I worked as a Brand Manager for a major processed food company. It was about a year before the birth of my first child. I began to critically evaluate the ingredients in the food I marketed, in some cases to children. Within a couple of years, I resigned from my job, in part because I wasn't passionate about the products I marketed, and also because I no longer bought them for myself or for my family. I began volunteering with a local foods campaign, which led to many consulting jobs within local foods and sustainable agriculture. Fast forward to 2016, and now, as a mom of 4, I'm incredibly passionate about food and the great window of opportunity we have to teach kids about where their food comes from, how it's produced, and how they can have a role in creating the food they love to eat. I am looking forward to sharing my passion with your child! Explore.Eat.Enjoy.