Give your child an opportunity to nourish their bodies in a mindful and fun way with hands-on learning.  Our cooking classes for kids are 100% hands-on!

We believe that kids who know where their food comes from and how to prepare it will develop a lifelong skill that impacts their health in a positive way. Also, our experience indicates that kids will try new foods when they are given the opportunity to make it themselves.

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Children will learn where specific ingredients come from, how to follow a recipe and utilize new techniques, and work as a team to prepare a favorite meal. Club members will also receive take-home challenge recipes that help hone their new cooking skills and encourage family engagement. 

Each cooking club class is limited to 6 children. Currently, we offer three different age groups:

Ages 5-7  •  1.5 hours  •  $30
Ages 8+  •  2 hours  •  $35
Ages 10+  •  2.5 hours  •  $40

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We update our class offerings frequently, so be sure to check back often. If you can't find what you are looking for,
send us an email and we will help you pick a class that's just right for your child(ren).

Ask us about our group classes!

Our group classes are perfect for classrooms, after-school programs, community centers, fitness clubs, churches, team sports, libraries and even restaurants! Participation in our group education program cultivates an understanding of eating healthy and it’s lifelong benefits. Each class will also discover how to trace their favorite foods back to their roots and prepare simple snacks that they can replicate at home.