an easy, educational (and fun) experience

We offer in-school sessions for Pre-K through 8th, after-school clubs, summer camp classes (ie: YMCA), home school, day care, athletic programs, girl/boy scouts, 4-H and more. Kids will consider where food comes from, learn how it's produced and use what they've learned to make educated choices. By preparing food, kids have the opportunity come together and apply science, math, and art.  

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Our kids will make choices about food every day of their life. While they are young, eating habits are still being formed and there is an eagerness to learn. Let’s give them the tools to develop a lifelong skill that impacts their health in a positive way. With grade appropriate, interactive lessons use math, science, and art to teach kids about food. We’ll discover rainbows, fractions and chemical reactions.

group classes

Each class discovers how to trace their favorite foods back to their roots and prepare simple snacks that they can replicate at home. They'll learn where food comes from, how it's produced, benefits and drawbacks of processed foods and why it's important to read an ingredient label. Good for classrooms, after-school programs, community centers, fitness clubs,churches, team sports, libraries and even restaurants.

Curriculum EXAMPLES

Early Childhood: Where do fruits + vegetables grow on the plant? What are the benefits + drawbacks of processing food? Elementary: How do you read an ingredient statement? A nutrition facts panel? How much sugar is in your favorite beverage? Middle School: Food + flavorings. What type of reaction turns milk into cheese? Cream into ice cream?

Where We've Been

Bergman Academy • Christ the King School • Hanawalt Elementary School • Plymouth Nursery School
Sacred Heart Catholic School • St. Augustin Catholic School • Waukee YMCA Camp • Des Moines YMCA Camp
Children’s Cancer Connection • St. Theresa Catholic School