“A gem business.”

Real Food 4 Kids is a gem business led by Sue Gallo Honkamp. Our troop made the first of two visits today for Sunday Brunch (on Wednesday). Check her out! – Erica

“The class makes her want to cook.”

Her first response to what she liked most was that, "She doesn't baby us; she let's us do things." She also mentioned that she feels like she learned a lot, the class makes her want to cook, and she thinks it's great that she can make these things. – Michelle

“They had a BALL doing it!”

Will made the entire recipe to perfection! I am out of town and he did it under the supervision of my mom who is NOT a cook. She couldn't get over that he MADE the cheese sauce! Ha. She did tell him that he should just buy that part next time! Too funny. Anyway, most importantly they had a BALL doing it.. and for that, I thank you! – Kathryn

“*Highly* recommend!”

We won the Real Food 4 Kids cooking class at the school auction this year -- *highly* recommend to anyone who has a child who likes to cook!! They absolutely loved it. Thank you Sue Honkamp for being such a fabulous teacher!!  – Amanda

Students wanted to share what they learned with one another
A lot of them talked about this activity for days afterward!

The information presented is invaluable; I learned many new things! Children have a right to know what is in the food that they are eating/being provided. I think a huge ‘eye-opener’ was listening to them try to pronounce the ingredients off the label. 
– Kristel Kautzky, Middle School teacher

“It was an excellent lesson that encouraged students to
grow in knowledge about fruits and vegetables.”

Students were able to use tactile and classification to identify fruits and vegetables.
They all had a part to clean, cut and eat fruits. 
— Cathy Gleichman, Kindergarten teacher

“Winning combination!”

Sue is very knowledgable about food, ingredients, and local offerings. Her passion for food and great rapport with children make her classes a winning combination! More importantly, the kids think it is delicious and fun! – Nicole

“Can't wait until tomorrow!”

My daughter had so much fun and already made home peanut butter and is going to surprise her dad in bed with a fried egg sandwich!!! She can't wait till tomorrow! – Toni

“She did it almost entirely by herself.”

She cooked us dinner this past Friday night and made all the recipes that you had given her from the class.  She did it all almost entirely by herself! – Julie

“So glad you offer this.”

Thank you so much, Sue! She loved the class! We will definitely be signing up for more. So glad you offer this. – Jaime

These kids are having fun (and learning too)!