Cooking-related gifts for holiday gifting

If you're looking for a couple of cooking-related holiday gifts for your kids, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Cookbook - Kid Chef, by Melina Hammer.  In addition to recipes, it also talks about different culinary skills. My then-10 year old sat down and read through the entire skills section.
  • Magazine - Chop Chop.  It's billed as the "Cooking Magazine for Families" and has recipes with easy to follow instructions and a few fun activities.  You can also join their online cooking club!  Check out!
  • Utensils
    • Plastic knife that is safe for little fingers (we have the Bakeware Buddy) - As I mentioned in a previous Facebook Post, my younger kids have loved to independently cut their own fruits and veggies!
    • Whisks, spatulas, and measuring cups -  My oldest child purchased a whisk and measuring cup for my then-5-year-old last Christmas.  This now-6-year-old loved  having her own set so much that she then took some money out of her piggy bank to buy her very own little spatula!
    • Aprons - They are an easy way to get kids in the spirit!  Have your child decorate his or her own with puff paint, or purchase a fun one!
  • Happy Cooking!!