Baking can be a really fun(ny) science experiment!

Yesterday, an insurance company flyer came in the mail.  It included a page of recipes that could be made in a mug for single servings.  I tore out the page and left it on the kitchen table.  

Last night after swim practice, a few of the kids were ravenous for dessert.  One said, "I want to make chocolate cake-in-a-mug from the recipes mom left on the table."  

While I spent the next 30 minutes putzing around the kitchen, 3 kids (#4 was sick) had loads of fun making 4 (one for dad) chocolate cake-in-a-mugs.  The experience was complete with:

  • An assembly line because all 4 mugs needed the same ingredients
  • A bit of error when someone accidentally put 2 tablespoons of baking powder in two of the mugs, instead of 1/8 teaspoon, and then attempted to remove it
  • 2 volcanos in the microwave due to an unsuccessful attempt to remove enough baking powder
  • All the kids doubled over in laughter due to the 'volcanos' in the microwave
  • Sharing! Three kids shared one mug because 2 didn't make it past the volcano stage, and dad got his own.

A good time was had by all.  Two thumbs up for the surviving cake! And the mess was even (mostly) cleaned-up by the kids! 

My conclusion: Provided it's safe, let the kids experiment in the kitchen. Baking can be a very fun kid activity!