Pizza + Pudding

In today's "Homemade Lunchables" class, 4 ladies made pizza and baked chocolate pudding from scratch.  They had so much fun and loved their lunch!  Here are some highlights:

  • We made pizza dough with just 6 ingredients: yeast, water, flour, oil, salt, and sugar.  We probably didn't even need the oil and sugar, but I think just a tablespoon of each helps.  They took turns kneading the dough and after it rose, they had lots of fun tossing it up in the air to make their personal pizza.
  • We made a basic sauce in the food processor from a can of whole peeled tomatoes and some tomato paste, and added a bit of salt, pepper, basil and oregano.  The girls tasted the basil and oregano and gave them a thumbs up.  You could add some sautéed onions and garlic, but that did not get a thumbs up from this crew.
  • The girls had fun grating and crumbling their own cheese.
  • I had a group of carnivores, so they each took a link of sausage out of the casing and took turns cooking it on the stove.  Both the sausage and pepperoni disappeared quickly. What didn't go on the pizza was eaten while it cooked.
  • The girls really liked the baked chocolate pudding.  Think extra-large chocolate lava cake, or brownie with a gooey center.  It's cooked in a pan of hot water to keep the center pudding-like.  The girls used the seeds from a whole vanilla bean instead of using vanilla extract.