Summer Veggie Trivia!

It's officially summer and that means it's the most abundant time of year for fresh veggies! Farmers markets, farm stands, co-ops, and pick-your-own fields offer lots of opportunities. At the farmers market this past weekend, I found the 20 veggies pictured below...can you identify them? (Keep scrolling down for the answers!) And, next month, I bet that I can find 20 new ones! Yes, that makes me excited!

There are so many options to try; why not aim to try something new with your family every week! It might help you get to reach "100 foods by the end of the summer"  - see the blog post here: 

Could you identify all 20 vegetables, or were you stumped? Here's the answer key:

1. Beets
2. Garlic Scapes
3. Snow Peas
4. Swiss Chard
5. Kohlrabi
6. Purple spring onions
7. Potatoes
8. Broccoli
9. Fava Beans
10. Carrots
11. Green Beans (Purple beans should be out soon!)
12. Garlic
13. Kale
14. Rhubarb (it's the end of the season already)
15. Asparagus (it's the end of the season for this one too)
16. Strawberries