Real Food 4 Kids Holiday Gift Ideas for your Budding Chef!

Are you searching for the perfect gift for your budding chef? We put together our own top 10 list to help you this holiday season.

10. A COOKBOOK: I just purchased The Complete Cookbook for Young Chef’s from America’s Test Kitchen for my daughter’s 8th birthday and she loves it!

9. A PERSONALIZED APRON. There are endless options on sites like You can also purchase a cute apron and personalize it yourself with some puff paint. I’ve made dozens of these and they wash up great!

8. A BAKING BAG. Put together a baking bag for your budding chef. Include a set of mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, a spatula, and a whisk to start.

7. A GOOD KNIFE. There are a wide range of knives for kids of all ages and ability levels. Curious Chef makes a great starter set that includes 3 nylon knives that are safe for young kids. For kids that are ready for a “real” knife, Kuhn Rikon makes a great, reasonably priced 4” paring knife that comes with a sheath for safe storage.

6. A CAKE DECORATING SET. Put together a gift bag that includes a piping set, cake stand that swivels, fun cupcake liners, and a variety of sprinkles. Fun!

5. AN APPLE MASTER. Kids LOVE using these in my food education classes and cooking classes. They’re pretty easy to clean and seem to give kids that extra push to have an apple a day. Include a couple of recipes for an apple crisp and an apple pie and you just might have dessert on your hands! They also work with potatoes!

4. A COOKING CLUB SUBSCRIPTION. While we haven’t tried these ourselves, the information provided by Raddish Kids and Kidstir seems like a good way to get kids in the kitchen.

3. A MUFFIN AND BREAD KIT. You can make practically any kind of muffin or quick bread imaginable, and the recipes are usually fairly simple. It’s even more fun (and faster) to make anything mini! Purchase a mini-muffin tin, a mini-loaf pan, and and a couple different sized ice cream scoops (it’s the easiest way to fill them accurately). Throw in a few oven mitts and watch your child start baking!

2. AN EGGS-CELLENT EGG SET. Teaching your kids to make eggs is a great way to get them started on the stove. These fun silicone egg makers make fried eggs a breeze and they will fit perfectly with an english muffin or bagel. Add in hot pad and a wide silicone spatula to flip and your child will be set!

1. A REAL FOOD 4 KIDS COOKING CLASS OR GIFT CERTIFICATE. Kids love our hands-on cooking classes. We make approximately 3 recipes as a group and sit down at the end of class to enjoy our meal. We teach all types of skills to give your child confidence in the kitchen. Visit our cooking class page to learn more!